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About Me

Hi, I'm Grub (He/They). I'm a queer dragon who likes Pikmin a lot, maybe too much depending on your point of view. I also really like the Legend of Zelda and Hollow Knight, but I'm more likely to scream about Pikmin at any given notice. I'm also a communications major who enjoys research and there's a chance I may info dump about whatever it is I'm learning in class.

Sometimes I write and draw! Most of my writing is either fanfiction or about alterhuman stuff, though I may occasionally write other things. I'm also planning out my own comic idea! It's currently in the very early stages, so it'll be a while before I talk about it. Still, figured I'd mention it!

My DMS in the sites listed to the side there are usually open, so feel free to send me a message if you'd like to chat! Just know that I am busy and may not get to your message right away.

Oh also here's a funny little button I made for my site. feel free to use it, or don't, up to you! I made it using this tool.

to the left is a brown creature with light brown horns, blue eyes, and glasses. This is my sona. To the right is text that reads grubby dog.

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Most Recent Updates

Only the five most recent updates will be listed here, older ones will be deleted

June 1st, 2023: Added the updtes square to the main page; added more items to the hoard. All new items are either in the fun or the education catigories.

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Other Sites

Just a list of other placs you can find me! My DMs here are usually open, so feel free to reach out if you want! Just know that I can get busy so I may not respond right away.


Pikmin Tumblr: Pikmin posting all the time. Sometimes original art too.
Artfol: Where almost all of my art goes.
Ao3: Fanfiction, all of it Pikmin.


Flightrising: My FR clan!
Pixel Cat's End: Funny cat game go purrrrrrrrrr.

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