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Photopea, a free photoshop clone that works in your browser.

Magnet Poetry, magnet poetry in your browser!

Tools for Creating Ideas, for when you're hoplessly stuck on something.

Polotno Studio, lets you make various graphics in your browser. Kinda like Canva but better.

Handwriting to Font, a tool that lets you create your own font from your handwriting! Site is also host to many free-to-use fonts.

Webdesign, HTLM/CSS, and Templates

WAVE, standing for "Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools" is a site that lets you test and make sure that your website is acessible to those with various disabilities.

Color Contrast Accessibility Validator is simmilar to the above, however it only checks to see if your site's text contrasts well enough with its background to be readable to those with color blindness or otherwise impared vision.

Tooplate, a collection of free-to-use HTML/CSS templates for your own website!

REPTH Themes, more free-to-use HTML/CSS templates.

Sadgrl's Webmastery, a collection of various resources such as HTML/CSS tips, some more templats, a layout builder, free to use images, free to use fonts, and much more!

Sadgrl's Website Ideas, another one of Sadness's resources, this time being a list of things you can add to your website if you run out of ideas.

Templaterr, more free-to-use HTML/CSS templates.

Almost Sweet's Themes, yet more free-to-use HTML/CSS templates.

Eggramen, even more free-to-use HTML/CSS templates.

Codepen, a site that lets you test out HTML and CSS codes and shows you how they'll look in real time.

W3 Schools and W3S "How To" Series, guids for how to do certain things in HTML, CSS, Java Script, and more! I also included a link to my favorite set of lessons, which go over how to do some more complicted stuff that's still pretty common, such as the tabs used for this page and photo slideshows!

Ground Floor, a guide on how to make a web page look pleasing while using minimal to no CSS.

Web Neko, put a little cat on your site that will chase the mouse pointer around!


Three Dragons and a Dog, large collection of writings and various resourses about alterhumanity, plus a few fun things like single player TTRPGs.

The Chimera​s Library, more writings and resources about alterhumanity, plus some fun stuff.

Orion Scribner, even MORE writings and resources about alterhumanity.

From Fiction, site with various resources about being fictionkin in particular.

The Alterhuman Archives, an achive of various alterhuman resources.

Otherkin Wiki, my personally prefered wiki of information on otherkin.

Fun Stuff

Text Faces, emoticons that you can copy paste anywhere! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Frog of the Month, see who the frog of the month is!

No Clip, a site that lets you zoom around the map of many diffrent games! Including Pikmin hehehe...

Know Your Meme, learn where and how various memes and jokes came to be.

Astronomy Picture of the Day, where NASA posts an astronomy picture each day. It's still goin', but has very early web fel to it still.

Space Bar, is an online homage to all brick and mortar LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, pop-up dance parties, pride events, and underground spaces in the world: past, present and future. Anywhere there's BIPOC queer and trans revolution (description from site).

Secret Drawing Box, a way to receive anonymous doodles from others. Doodles are made using thier limited tool, but it is still fun enough!

5e Tools, a suite of tools for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players and Dungeon Masters (description from site).

Convert Text to Ascii Art, what it says on the tin.

DnD Draconic Conlang Index, a collection of information detaling how the Draconic language from DnD was turned into a conlang. Note that Firefox (and maybe other browsers, not sure) will flag it as a security risk presumably due to the fact the site's infastructure is outdated. I haven't had issues, but do keep this in mind.

DnD Draconic Translator, uses the same information as the above, allowing you to quickly translate English into Draconic for all of your Draconic needs.

Education and Self-Care

LibreTexts, college-level textbooks provided for free. Seems to have some good stuff, though I find thier website hard to nvigate.

OpenStax, free and open-source college textbooks (and some highschool-level ones) provided for free. I've had instructors assign us books from their list, so I can strongly reccomend it.

You Feel Like Shit, this is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It's designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn't require much judgment (description from site).

JSTOR, academic articals with prices ranging from cheap (in comparison to the normal cost of such articals) to free.

Recipe Search lets you search the internet for any recipe. It will then pull the basic information you actually need (ingredients, directions, ect.) from the site for you so that you don't need to wade through tons of ads or unneeded stories.

Others' Hoards

For these, please know that I haven't reviewed every single item in their lists!

Yesterlinks Directory, a massive list of cool websites with a tagging system and even a random page button!

Ichigo Directory, a list of websites with a focus on pixl art hosting.

Sad Grl's Webring Directory, a list of webrings - sites that list other personal sites.

The Blinkie Hoard, a collection of "blinkies", narrow GIFs used to deccorate pages. Warrning: some of then do flash!

Cinni's Web Goodies, free to use graphics.

Cinni's Toybox, more free to use graphics.

The 88 x 31 GIF Collection, many GIFs you can use on your site - Warnning: Many of them do flash quickly!

The Creative Commons, the largest hoard of free* to use stuff. Maybe arguably too well known for this list BUT I say it should count.
*So long as you follow whatever rules they have in place, anyways!

Obspogon's Mega Collection, so many things from free games to neat media to other cool neocities sites and more!

Vincent's Dungeon, a large collection of many things but with a focus on eduction, web resources, and TTRPGs.

The Ichigo Directory is intended to be a non-comprehensive guide on cute websites with a focus on pixel art, web materials, and more (desciption from the site).

Web Badges World, a large collection of various web badges. Warning: many of them do flash quickly, though animated ones can be filtered out


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